Turkey Hotline

Have you ordered your turkey yet?

Nothing tastes any better than food farmed, fished and foraged from Maine.  This season, I encourage you to vote with your fork.  If your family hasn’t had the opportunity yet to experience the freshness of a turkey raised close to home, try it!

Where to find the perfect bird?

Your local food cooperative or health food store is the perfect start. The Maine Department of Agriculture has a listing of Maine turkey farmers.

For folks that want a certified organic turkey, the Maine Organic Farmer’s website is a good resource.

Our turkey this year is living the good life at Apple Creek Farm.

Grace Pond Farm in Monmouth, Tide Mill Organic Farm in Edmunds and Farmer’s Gate Market in Wales are all sources for local birds.

Need to talk more about turkey?  Give me a ring or text me at the “turkey hotline,” 207.852.0899.


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