Rabbit Hill Supper Club

Nestled in the spruce trees, eighty feet above sea level, overlooking Crockett Cove and East Penobscot Bay, Rabbit Hill is an original Emily Muir designed cottage. Owners Flip McFarland and Cheryl Wixson have created a certified organic farm, food processing company, and craft hard cider house that welcomes private parties (groups of 6 -12), to join them for supper.

“Cooking that respects the sensibilities of the freshest ingredients was the mantra of my culinary hero, Paul Bocuse”, explains Chef Cheryl. “Here at Rabbit Hill, we farm, fish and forage for our ingredients. Our days are centered around everything food; fish, clams & lobsters from the waters and shores of Crockett Cove, food foraged from the woods and the meadows, crops from the farm, and fruits from the orchard. Every day is new and exciting dining experience, and Flip and I invite you to dine with us.”

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