Taste of Deer Isle

Taste of Deer Isle

Deep in the woods, homesteaders Cheryl & Flip farm, fish and forage for Deer Isle ingredients, crafting organic specialty products in their commercial kitchen.  Your family and friends will savor a Pasta & Pizza Sauce, Applesauce, and Wild Blueberry Jam.

Packed in a bag with red tissue and island fir, or shipped with island fir.



The Product Story

This gift contains Classic Marinara or Genovese Basil Pasta & Pizza Sauce, Liberty Applesauce,   and

WILD BLUEBERRY BLACKBERRY BALSAMIC JAMOrganic Maine wild blueberries from Peaked Mountain Farm are simmered with pure cane sugar and Fiore’s BLACKBERRY BALSAMIC GINGER VINEGAR.

Enjoy this condiment spread over goat cheese, paired with smoked meats, or in a sauce for sautéed veggies.

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