Pickle Pleaser

Pickle Pleaser

Sure to please pickle lovers, this gift box includes one jar of our infamous Bread & Butter Pickles and one jar of Chili Dill Spears plus a fork to serve them.

Product will be available after 2021 harvest.


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The Product Story

Our infamous Bread & Butter Pickles are an old-fashioned favorite made in the traditional Maine way.  We slice Rabbit Hill grown Suyo Long organic cucumbers and onions, then simmer them in Barbour Farm apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, sea salt, and organic spices. Enjoy straight from the jar, or instead of potato chips.  Chili Dill Spears are made with Rabbit Hill organically grown Double Yield and Wautoma pickling cucumbers. Picked daily at peak perfection, these cucumbers are packed with Barbour Farm organic cider vinegar, Green Garden chili peppers, organic spices and Maine sea salt. Caution: these pickles are addictive!

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