Homecoming Pasta Supper

Homecoming Pasta Supper

Supper is always welcoming you at home when your pantry is stocked with jars of Pasta & Pizza Sauce and a box of La Piana Tortellini with cheese filling.


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The Product Story

This gift is perfect for the pasta sauce connoisseur,  Genovese Basil Pasta & Pizza Sauce is prepared in the traditional Italian manner with vine-ripened Rabbit Hill grown organic tomato puree, onions, and the highly aromatic Genovese Basil.  Our premier tomato sauce, Classic Marinara starts with Green Garden organic garlic simmered in olive oil. Rabbit Hill grown tomato sauce is added and the mixture is slowly cooked with fresh parsley puree and oregano until the flavors are well married. Simple, satisfying, Italian style cooking.
Included is the perfect pasta for the perfect sauces:  La Piana Tortellini with cheese filling.

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