Elf Bag

Elf Bag

Our festive Elf Bag delivers holiday cheer to all your friends and family.  Your choice of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Spiced Peach Butter, Wild Blueberry Jam, or Apple Maple Butter, the jar comes packed with red tissue in our elf and garnished with island fir.



The Product Story

Sun-ripened strawberries and Rabbit Hill rhubarb are slowly simmered with organic cane sugar to make our Strawberry Rhubarb Jam. Because we don’t use pectin, the flavors are very intense and our jam tastes like fruit!

The peaches for Spiced Peach Butter were grown on Five Star Orchard in Brooklin. We simmer peach puree slowly with organic whole spices and sugar. When enjoying Spiced Peach Butter, do beware of the whole spices that give it the perfect flavor.

To prepare our organic Maine wild blueberry jam we slowly simmered Peaked Mountain wild blueberries with organic cane sugar and a touch of pectin to make this intensely fruity jam.

Liberty apples are simmered with organic Maine maple syrup and Barbour Farm apple cider and then lightly seasoned with spices. It’s like “apple pie in a jar!”

Maine Ingredients ~ Our Main Ingredients ™

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