Aroostook Corn Bread & Muffin Mix

Aroostook Corn Bread & Muffin Mix

It’s a snap to prepare corn bread or corn muffins with our AROOSTOOK CORN BREAD & MUFFIN MIX. Just add melted butter or oil, an egg and milk to the mix and stir. Spoon in pan and bake. Delicious everytime!


The Product Story

The Dakota corn for our Corn Bread Mix comes from Wood Prairie Farm, way up north in Aroostook County. We grind the corn kernels in both a coarse and fine texture and blend them to make this mix. My favorite way to bake Corn Bread is in a cast-iron skillet coated with bacon fat or lard…or farm-fresh butter. Leftovers make a delicious corn bread stuffing. This mix is gluten-free, and we use a dedicated corn grinder here in the kitchen to avoid contamination with wheat

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