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FARMER’S VEGGIE PASTA & PIZZA SAUCE: Costoluto Genovese is the primary tomato in  our traditional Italian farm-style sauce.  This ribbed tomato was one of the first kind of tomato to be introduced in Europe, initially in Spain, then in Italy and France.  Amy Goldman writes in her book, ‘The Heirloom Tomato’, that “ by the 19th century, the tomato -whether fresh or prepared in pastes, purees, and juices – had become indispensable for cooks and homemakers in Italy, and was grown in virtually every garden.  Cosotoluto Genovese was the local favorite.”  We chose this variety both for its storied history, and for the body it adds to our sauce.  We add leeks from Curra Family Farm in Knox, carrots from Peacemeal Farm in Dixmont, peppers from New Leaf Farm in Durham, and parsley from Ripley Farm in Dover-Foxcroft.  We enjoy Farmer’s Veggie Pasta & Pizza Sauce over cheese ravioli, in Saturday Night Baked Chicken, as part of a home-baked pizza, and in Cajun Turkey Pasta.  This sauce is sure to please “kids” of all ages…and is packed with veggies

PUTTANESCA  PASTA & PIZZA SAUCE: Our Puttanesca sauce is a spicy melange of Costoluto Genovese and Amish Paste tomatoes, onions, capers, garlic, olives, and peppers.  The name puttanesca is a derivation of puttana…..which literally translated from Italian is “lady of the night.”  Traditionally, puttanesca gets a spicy bite from anchovies..we’ve chosen to keep our sauce vegetarian friendly, and spice it up with garlic scapes and hot peppers.  We enjoy this sauce  in Saturday Night Baked chicken, on pizza, with grilled sausages…and with our favorite pasta.

TOLMAN SWEET APPLESAUCE: The Tolman Sweet apple is one first American apples, and one of the few to remain popular for centuries.  Called a “sweet” because it has practically no acid in it, the tolman is a rugged and long-lived apple, and still common in old Maine farms.  Your tolman sweet was grown by Howard Wulf, a fruit artist, who learned his craft in Germany and owns an organic pear and apple orchard in Unity, Maine.  Tolman Sweet apples are an all-purpose fruit used for baking and cooking…some consider it the best sauce apple.  The sauce is incredibly creamy and sweet.  We enjoy it straight from the jar…sometimes with a little cinnamon or maple syrup.  I use the sauce in baking and cooking…try the Applesauce Pancakes.

JACK’S ORGANIC KETCHUP: Our signature product, Jack’s Organic Ketchup is made exclusively from one tomato:  the Italian heirloom Principe Borghese.  These tiny, almost cherry-sized tomatoes, are high in natural sugars and are traditionally dried.  It takes over two pounds of tomatoes to make one jar of sauce. Jack’s Organic Ketchup was developed for my nephew…Jack…who slathers ketchup on all his food.  With less than 5 grams of sugar per serving, this is the best tasting condiment you’ll ever eat.  Perfect on fries, with burgers, baked beans and clam fritters.  Use Jack’s Organic Ketchup as a base for home-made cocktail sauce.

ZUCCHINI RELISH:  No burger is complete without ketchup and relish.  Our Zucchini Relish has organic zucchini from Ripley Farm in Dover-Foxcroft, organic onions from Crystal  Spring Community Farm, organic peppers from New Leaf Farm, and organic cider vinegar from Sewall Orchards in Lincolnville.  Use it to make a mean home-made tartar sauce.  Limited availability.

DOWNEASTER  MAPLE MUSTARD MARINADE:  Organic Maine maple syrup and Raye’s Mustard team up to create our signature marinade.  The lush, sweet flavors of this marinade are perfect for grilled chicken, pork or shrimp.  Mix it with olive oil for a delicious dressing…my favorite salad is chopped apples, toasted nuts, goat cheese and baby greens, topped with the Downeaster.  Share your favorites with us!

BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES: I’ve been making these pickles for 20 years…the recipe was first published in a column I wrote for the Bangor Daily News in the early 1990′s.  Everyone loves them.  They are great on burgers and sandwiches, or just right out of the jar. The Bread & Butter pickles this year were made with a variety of cucumber called Diva, grown by Eugene and Mary Margaret Ripley.  These young folks have a beautiful farm in Dover-Foxcroft, and sell summer CSA shares.  Check out their website at:

Limited availability, but they promise they’ll grow more next year!

STRAWBERRY – RHUBARB JAM: The best of summer, packed in a jar.  The strawberries for this jam were grown on Goranson Farm in Dresden, and the rhubarb comes from our farm, Rabbit Hill, in Stonington.  I don’t use pectin in our jams, thus much less sugar.  Simmering the jam for a long time develops the rich, fruit flavor.  Limited availability…we’ll do more next year.

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