November 2012 CSA Newsletter

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Dear Cooking & Eating Friends:

We are wrapping up the 2012 harvest here at the kitchen. Tomato sauces are bubbling away in the kettle, filling the kitchen with delicious aromas. We have boxes of apples stacked in the garage, empire, keepsake, and macoun. Bright green leeks and bags of carrots are being chopped to put into sauce.

Last week, I harvested 50 pounds of Winter Luxury Pumpkin from Rabbit Hill, and we made Pumpkin Maple Butter. I’m excited about this new product…so many recipes to try!

Another new, young farmer called last night. He wants to grow for us next year. Everett and I talked about more rhubarb, and at a recent Amish community supper, the conversation was all about tomato varieties.
It’s happening! There is a real groundswell of folks wanting to farm in Maine. All they need is you…the consumer. Thanks for your help and support as we connect them to you. Enjoy your healthy, delicious Maine-grown food!

Bon appetit!



WILD MUSHROOM Pasta & Pizza Sauce: This robust pasta and pizza sauce is made in the traditional Italian hunter style. We start with three varieties of wild-harvested Maine mushrooms; Maitake or hen of the woods, oyster and yellow feet chanterelles. Each wild mushroom adds a special flavor to our sauce, and the Chinese consider the hen of the woods to be the king of mushrooms, with renowned healing properties. The mushrooms are lightly sautéed in extra-virgin olive oil, and once they have released their water, we add a touch of garlic, red onions; green bell peppers, fresh parsley and tomato puree and simmer until the hearty flavors have married. Perfect on your favorite pasta, Wild Mushroom Pasta & Pizza Sauce makes a delicious base for Chicken Cacciatore.

PUMPKIN MAPLE BUTTER: The heirloom Winter Luxury Pumpkin is used to make our versatile and delicious Pumpkin Maple Butter. The pumpkin puree is blended with Maine maple syrup, brown sugar, and a touch of lemon juice. Enjoy it straight from the jar spread on toast or a bagel. Pumpkin Maple Butter makes into a decadent pie, muffins, pancakes or waffles. Soup, custards, cookies….so many treats, so little time!

MUSTARD PICKLES: The recipe for these old-fashioned pickles comes to me from Marie Millet of Norway, Maine and these pickles have been on their family table for generations. Crisp slices of Diva cucumbers, sweet red bell peppers, onions, cauliflower, and green tomatoes are simmered in a mustard sauce. For those with gluten intolerance, please beware, this product contains wheat.

AROOSTOOK CORN BREAD MIX: The Dakota corn for our Corn Bread Mix comes from Wood Prairie Farm, way up north in Aroostook County. We grind the corn kernels in both a coarse and fine texture and blend them to make this mix. My favorite way to bake Corn Bread is in a cast-iron skillet coated with bacon fat or lard…or farm-fresh butter. Leftovers make a delicious corn bread stuffing. This mix is gluten-free, and we use a dedicated corn grinder here in the kitchen to avoid contamination with wheat.

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