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Kitchen Share Newsletter

Dear Cooking & Eating Friends:

We have some exciting products to share with you this month, including our star, Pumpkin Maple Butter. This versatile and seasonal product is one of our success stories, and it would not have happened without you, our shareholders! We plan to launch it in a few retail stores around the state, so please, if you’d like to order more, be sure to let us know.

Our website continues to expand with more information and new recipes. Coming soon will be the nutritional analyses. The website has all our recipes, searchable by products. If you’re looking for something to make with applesauce…check it out!

The jars we use are a standard mason jar, and are reusable. If you’d like, they may be returned and we can pass them on to a soup kitchen and the Amish. We are gradually updating our labels, and the new ones peel off the jar. We welcome back all the boxes.

Bon appétit!


November Shareholder Special Items

CRANBERRY PEAR CHUTNEY: This is new chutney for us, and we welcome your comments. We simmer cranberries with onions, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, candied ginger, lemon peel and spices, then gently cook with Luscious pears. Try our chutney as a condiment with roast turkey or pork, make into a sandwich, or layer over cream cheese or goat cheese for an easy appetizer.

THAI CUCUMBER RELISH: Pickled vegetables are an integral component of the Thai cuisine, contributing to the harmonious finish of the meal. This relish was crafted with suyo long cucumbers, purple carrots, and lime basil. We suggest serving Thai Cucumber Relish as a side to noodles with spicy peanut sauce, or with your favorite curry or stir-fry.

BLOODY MARIA CONCENTRATE: Hold on to your hats! This spicy blend of tomatoes and veggies is actually the juice drained from Emily’s Taco Salsa. Great tasting when mixed with vodka or tequila, or enjoy Bloody Maria Concentrate over ice, or heated as a soup.

And introducing our NEW STAR

PUMPKIN MAPLE BUTTER: This product is a success story about our market research team. Last year, we made a small run, and you folks loved it! Because of the feedback, we contracted with 2 farms to grow the heirloom Winter Luxury Pumpkin, over 600 pounds. We blend the pumpkin puree with Kinney organic maple syrup, pure cane sugar, and a touch of lemon juice. Enjoy it straight from the jar spread on toast or a bagel. Pumpkin Maple Butter makes into a decadent pie, muffins, pancakes or waffles, soup, custards, and cheesecake. Next year the stars may line up for the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Go Maine Food!


How was the flavor of the Cranberry Chutney? Sweet, tart or hot? How did you enjoy the product, in a recipe or as a condiment?

Is the Bloody Maria Mix a product your family would purchase again? How was the taste?

Does your family enjoy trying new cuisines? How did you use the Thai Cucumber Relish? Would you be interested in a Spicy Peanut Sauce?

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