January 2014 CSA Newsletter

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Dear Cooking and Eating Friends:

Welcome to winter! For those of us that like to cook, this is the perfect time to hole up, light the oven and enjoy working with Maine foods. Coming in this month’s newsletter, I will have recipes like Chorizo and Chickpea Stew, prepared in less than 1/2 hour with just four pantry ingredients, including our Puttanesca Pasta & Pizza Sauce. Also, Rustic Apple Tarts made with Spiced Peach Butter. Served with a dollop of whipped cream, they are an elegant way to finish a meal. This all sounds like the beginnings of a menu for an easy and festive dinner party.

In January, our specialty items include Pickled Green Strawberries, Aroostook Biscuit Mix and Apple Ketchup. A California craze, Pickled Green Strawberries can be made into a delicious winter salad, and Aroostook Biscuits are a hearty addition to your bowl of stew. Folks that enjoyed our Wild Apple Grill Sauce will savor every bite of our Organic Maine Apple Ketchup.

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Cooking with Maine food is my passion, but so is creating agricultural economic vitality. Our company was founded with a social mission: We strive to create value-chains that will ensure the sustainability of Maine agriculture. Every time you enjoy one of our products, you are supporting 3 or more Maine companies.

My favorite example is our Pickled Beets (coming soon!): The beets are grown and harvested by Nature’ Circle, processed by Northern Girl, delivered by Crown of Maine to Coastal Farms and Foods, and then pickled by Cheryl Wixson’s Kitchen. Five Maine companies creating jobs and putting Maine food on your plate!

Bon appetit and thanks for your support!

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