December 2013 Kitchen Share Newsletter

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Dear Cooking & Eating Friends:

Our culture surrounding the foods we eat is what knits us together as families and communities. I feel so fortunate to have access to great food and wonderful ingredients, grown by the best farmers in the world. It’s their hard work that produces the beautiful crops that inspire me to create the products here at the kitchen.

This month we have another exciting line-up of products, and as always, your feedback is critical. In January, we start talking with our farmers about what to grow next year…and this is where you, the market research team, make a difference. As we all work to rebuild the local food system the consumer plays a huge role in determining just what that system will look like. I’d love your input about recipe ideas and how to make healthy meal options more easily available to your family. Marada Cook from Northern Girl has asked me to develop some recipes with the ingredients produced up in Aroostook County. There is excitement building around food and our local farms!

This holiday season, may you all enjoy good health and the gift of nutritious and delicious Maine food. Thank you for supporting Maine agriculture!

Bon appetit!


December Shareholder Special Items

REGAL PLUM PUREE: No pantry is complete without a basic tomato puree, and this year we are pleased to present Regal Plum Puree. The Regal Plum tomato is blocky, deep red plum tomato with good flavor and disease resistance. The Amish folks at Common Sense Farm in Unity grew our regal plum tomatoes. Abner Stoll tells me that “the plant health was outstanding”, and we think the sauce is also!

CHILI DILLY BEANS: They are back! Our Chili Dilly Beans are an addictive way to enjoy your veggies. This season, our green beans were grown by the Yoder family of J & C Family Farm in Thorndike, and Farmer Kev’s Organic Farm in Winthrop. We added a chili pepper grown by pepper artist Victoria Marshall from Dorolenna Farm in Montville. Enjoy this work of visual and culinary art!

PLUM SAUCE: This is another exciting new venture into different cuisines for us. We processed almost 100 pounds of plums from WinterGreen Herbs and Vegetables in Winslow. Kate’s farm is located on the Garland Road…the same neighborhood in which our family operated a dairy farm for years. We love their products, and look forward to more next season.

Market-Research Questions

How did you use the Plum Regal Tomato Puree? How often do you use tomato sauce and tomato purees in your family’s meals?

Did your family enjoy the Plum Sauce? Was the flavor a good balance of sweet and spicy? What did you serve with it?

Emily’s Taco Salsa continues to be one of our most popular products. Are there any other products that you would like to see made with Maine ingredients?

Maine has a bountiful crop of apples. How often does your family enjoy
applesauce? Do you bake with it also?

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