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CLASSIC MARINARA  Pasta & Pizza Sauce  Costoluto Genovese  and Goldman’s Italian American are the primary organic tomato varieties in this premium all purpose sauce.  The Goldman Italian American tomato was first listed on the Seed Savers Exchange yearbook in 2006 by  Amy Goldman, who saved the seeds from a tomato purchased at a roadside grocery near Villa d”Este in Cernobbio, Italy in 1999.  The average Goldman tomato weighs about one pound, “voluptuous, red-ribbed, and heavy in the hips – makes a sauce as rich and thick as any tomato” Amy has ever grown.  Our Classic Marinara  Pasta & Pizza Sauce is hand-crafted in the traditional Italian method by simmering tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and herbs to perfection.  Enjoy the bright tomato taste of our delicious Classic Marinara over pasta, on pizza, or as a part of your family’s  favorite recipe. We love it with meatballs over baked potato or in a meatball sub!

SNAKEROOT GOLDEN ARROW  Pasta & Pizza Sauce :  Tom Roberts of SnakeRoot Organic Farm in Pittsfield bred and developed the Golden Arrow tomato used to make this sauce.  We told Tom if he grew enough tomatoes, we’d develop a sauce and this is it!  The Golden Arrow tomato has a nice, meaty texture, and is very versatile.  We simmered the tomato puree with golden roasted garlic, sweet onions, and King Hill Farm winter carrots.  The seasoning is a very traditional Italian style, and the result is a gorgeous, golden sauce that surprises the palate and works in all your favorite recipes.

TOLMAN SWEET APPLESAUCE: The Tolman Sweet apple is one first American apples, and one of the few to remain popular for centuries.  Called a “sweet” because it has practically no acid in it, the tolman is a rugged and long-lived apple, and still common in old Maine farms.  Your tolman sweet was grown by Howard Wulf, a fruit artist, who learned his craft in Germany and owns an organic pear and apple orchard in Unity, Maine.  Tolman Sweet apples are an all-purpose fruit used for baking and cooking…some consider it the best sauce apple.  The sauce is incredibly creamy and sweet.  We enjoy it straight from the jar…sometimes with a little cinnamon or maple syrup.  I use the sauce in baking and cooking…it is especially good when made into a French Acadian Chocolate Cake.

MARINATED BEAN SALAD: Looking for a serving of vegetables in a jar?  Marinated Bean salad fits the bill!  In this “pickled” vegetable creation, we use horticulture beans and yellow beans from Horsepower Farm in Penobscot, green beans from Peacemeal Farm in Dixmont, carrots from Snakeroot organic Farm, garlic from Green Garden Farm in St. Albans, onions from Crystal Spring Community Farm, and cauliflower from Kousky Farm.  The vegetables are cooked slightly in the brine, and then refrigerated overnight so the flavors can marry.  Then we return the mixture to the kettle, bring it to a boil, and bottle it.  I’ve been making this salad on a home basis for years, and my family loves it.  When I’m pressed for time, this is a quick and easy vegetable.  It also is great to take on a picnic, and makes a nice complement to bread and cheese.

PICKLED BEETS: Red Ace and Chiogga Guardsmark are the two varieties of beets that King Hill Farm in Penobscot grew for us to make our Pickled Beets.  These beets have been stored in our Rabbit Hill root cellar since late fall, developing the sugars that make them so tasty.  We pickle them in a brine of organic cider vinegar from Sewall Orchard, organic cane sugar, herbs and spices.  Tasty eaten right out of the jar, they are a bright addition to a salad.

WILD APPLE Grill & Marinade Sauce:  There are 21 trees in the organic orchard we tend in Stonington, and the apple we use to make Wild Apple Grill & Marinade Sauce comes from Tree #6.  We theorize that Tree # 6 apples are a cross between the ancient transparent apple tree that was planted in the 1840’s when the farm was built and a wild apple tree.  The apples are pink and yellow with stripes, and there were over 16 bushels of them this past year.  We blend this tart, wild-tasting sauce with organic onions, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and spices and simmer until the consistency is thick and rich.  Enjoy Wild Apple Grill & Marinade Sauce just like your favorite grill sauce.  We use it to make barbecue burgers, as a marinade for chicken on the grill, and as a zesty dipping sauce for grilled satays.

ASIAN LEMONGRASS Grill & Marinade Sauce:  Hang on to your hats!  This is a spicy grill and marinade sauce.  We start by gently cooking organic red shallots and garlic scapes in Henry Perkin’s organic sunflower oil.  Then we add canola oil, tamari, lemongrass, lime juice, rice vinegar, and sugar and simmer.  After a quick puree, we season the mixture with fresh parsley puree and red pepper puree, and Thai style herbs and spices.  A little sauce goes a long way!  To make a zesty salad dressing, whisk 2 tablespoons Asian Lemongrass into ¼ cup canola or olive oil.  For the grill, brush chicken, shrimp or tofu with Asian Lemongrass sauce.  Or enjoy this sauce with your favorite stir-fry!

WILD BLUEBERRY RHUBARB JAM: Very ripe, intense “jam” blueberries are first cooked in the kettle, and then run through the extractor. The puree is returned to the kettle, and we add whole blueberries, rhubarb puree from Rabbit Hill, our farm in Stonington, and organic cane sugar  This mixture is slowly simmered, allowing the jam to develop its full flavor and thicken. The wild blueberries come from the Blue Hill Berry Company, owned by Nicolas Lindholm and Ruth Fisk in Penobscot.  Wild Blueberry Rhubarb Jam is low in sugar, and delicious on toast, as part of a PB and jam sandwich, or baked into Danish.

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