April 2013 CSA Newsletter

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Dear Cooking & Eating Friends:

It’s hard for me to believe that this is April and the last of our CSA Kitchen Shares will soon be delivered to 100 families around the state. It has been an exciting time here in the kitchen as we strive to create new products utilizing the best ingredients in Maine from the best farmers. (Can you tell I’m biased?) We certainly hope you have enjoyed what we call a grand eating adventure!

The consumer interest and demand for our product has been gratifying. We have had requests for sales outside the state of Maine and have graciously said No thanks. Although we could easily increase our sales and profitability by entering these markets, we remain committed to our mission: To purchase from MOFGA certified organic Maine farms and provide Maine families with delicious and nutritious Maine food all year. It is really that simple: More Maine Food on Maine Plates.

Our move to Coastal Farms & Foods in Belfast is complete. This is a great facility, and we are working to help other food processors get started, provide aggregated buying power, develop new distribution systems, and rebuild a vibrant Maine food system.

This has all been possible thanks to folks like you, who have invested in our company…and in the future of Maine agriculture To the folks that have all ready joined for next season. Thank you. To continue to expand the farming community and provide markets for our farmers, we need 200 shareholders, or market research teams, next season. Please consider joining us again…and encourage your friends and neighbors to try our grand eating adventure!

Thanks for your support and happy eating!



CARL’S CARROTS & CAULIFLOWER: Pickled vegetables are a Maine tradition. In Carl’s Carrots & Cauliflower we use the same basic pickling herbs and sauce as in our Marinated Bean Salad.

These tasty treats are a great snack right out of the jar, or enjoy them when combined with cooked garbanzo beans for a salad. The marinade makes a delicious base for a quick and easy dressing.

BASIL BEAN BITES: After processing our Dilly Beans and Marinated Bean Salad in early September, we had a lot of green beans that didn’t make the jars. Just like the generations of frugal Mainers before me, I wanted to capture this bounty for later enjoyment. These Basil Bean Bites have been marinating with Dorolenna Farm lime basil, lime juice and hot peppers since then. Their flavor is snappy with lime overtones and a hit of heat on the end. Caution: they may become addictive!

WILD BLUEBERRY MARGARITA MIX: Maine organic wild blueberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals…they are a super fruit! For several years, I have been working with folks in Washington County to develop products that utilize grade B or C berries. These berries traditionally have been composted, but the theory is IF we could add value to them, we could create a new industry for this rural, Maine county. In this beverage mix, we cook grade C organic wild blueberries and extract a puree. This puree is then combined with lime juice, and slightly sweetened with organic sugar. Enjoy this mix with sparkling water, or as a festive beverage when combined with Prosecco. Of course, it also makes a mean and healthy margarita!

CRANBERRY APPLE JELLY: The abundance of Maine apples has me constantly seeking for new product ideas. In this jelly, we cook Sweet 16 apples with organic Maine cranberries and extract a puree. This puree is slowly simmered with organic sugar to produce this jelly. We like the soft, pretty color of this jelly and enjoy its tart flavor on croissants, or as a glaze on lemon cake. Try it stirred into plain yogurt and use it as a topping for Maine Maple Granola.

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