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During the harvest season, we purchase farm-fresh fruits and vegetables from over 40 Certified Organic Maine farmers. Then in our kitchen, we hand-craft small batches of pasta and pizza sauces, condiments, jams, pickled vegetables, marinades, dressings and dry mixes. We “put things up” and provide easy recipes so you can enjoy Maine food all year round. Our Maine products are available at select retailers and through our Kitchen Share program.

Earth Day DinnerDinner is Served Earth Day Dinner

Cheryl and her friends at “Dinner is Served” will be cooking a special dinner featuring Earth Dinner menu items, including spring dinner medley of condiments and preserves, and local farm produce. Dinner is open to the public and FREE, but donations are always accepted.

Click here FMI and to check out the menu!

It’s Party Time!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

To celebrate the advent of spring and in anticipation of the Cinquo de Mayo (May 5) holiday, we’re suggesting you plan a party with Emily’s Taco Salsa and Wild Blueberry Mixer!

Our salsa is a fresh-pack, all natural, certified organic product. We start with a base of rich, heirloom tomato puree, add fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions and jalapenos and season it perfectly with lime juice, ground cumin and oregano. Maine families love Emily’s Taco Salsa.

Wild Blueberry Mixer is a health food and packed with antioxidants! We enjoy it prepared in a blender with ice as a slushy, or combined with sparkling water, or prosecco. Wild Blueberry Mixer also makes a mean margarita and a to-die-for martini. This is a concentrate…one bottle serves your party of 10 or more!

All of the ingredients for these products come from Maine farms…more than 60 now. Local food at its best.

So make a pitcher of Blueberry Slushies and let’s start partying while we celebrate the great farming community here in Maine!

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